Earn Money Online with Google

How to Earn money online with Google [Update 2021]

Top 3 ways to earn money online with Google
Earn Money Online with Google

Complete Guide: How to Earn money online with Google [2021]

In pandemic COVID -19 situation, many people around the globe have lost their jobs and business because they have no online presence or their business cannot be online.
It is a perfect time to start earning online and find the flexibility and freedom you desire.

This post will guide you all you need to know to start earning online with google without any scam. By the end of the post, you would be able to earn from google.

Benefits of Online Earning with Google

  • Earning Freedom
  • Be your Own Boss
  • Passive Income
  • Safe and Easy

Top 3 ways to earn Online with google

we are going to discuss ways through which you can start earning without investment Some Methods will help you in generating a big amount of revenue and some gone generate a little bit less. but remember all methods are secure and official ways to earn money with google

  1. YouTube
  2. Google AdSense
  3. Google Ads Words

Lets see all methods One by one in details


Earn money online with Google
Parent Organisation Google

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform.YouTube allows users to upload, view, share, add to playlists, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users.

YouTube is a trusted source to earn a handsome amount of money. YouTube comes Under the family of Google.

Everyone knows about YouTube. it’s helping every type of person either you want to see some entertaining videos, want some cooking tutorials, need some Stuff related to studies and want to learn technology almost it covers each niche which is needed if modern World.

How to Start.

Let’s Make it’s Simple with an example.

Let’s suppose you are a professor and bored with your school routine want to work as per your mood. You can simply make a Youtube Channel and start making videos related to your niche, once you grab your audience by Marketing skills and SEO Techniques. You will start earning from Youtube.

Revenue of YouTube 2019

2019 Revenue

How to Create YouTube Channel Step by Step Guide to create a YouTube Channel

Some Queries that come in mind in new You Tubers

How many views do you need on YouTube to make money?

With the average YouTube pay rate hovering between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view, a YouTuber can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views,

Average YouTube income?

Forbes additionally appraises that for top ability, a YouTuber can make about $5 for each 1,000 video views

Benefits of starting a YouTube Channel

  • Work From Home
  • NO Minimum age required to earn
  • Become Famous
  • More You work More you earn
  • Grow Your Traffic Worldwide
  • NO work Pressure

So What are you waiting for! Select a niche, Make content, Create a channel and start earning from YouTube.

Google AdSense

Ad Sense is an advertisement program which comes under the umbrella of Google. It serves Text, Images and Videos advertisement which is integrated into the targeted website. It helps Blogger and Publisher to earn money by displaying Google ads on their website and videos.

AdSense has become one of the most popular methods in creating and placing banner and responsive ads on website and blogs. and on the same end, it has become one of the famous and secure methods of earning from google . People are earning a million dollars from Google AdSense.

Step Required to start earning from AdSense

So basically if you want to earn from absence, then you need to have a site In maximum cases people have blog website Mostly people use Blogger or WordPress because both are easy to use and manage

Check List

  • Select a Niche.
  • Buy Domain and Hosting.
  • Create a website (Blogger / WordPress)
  • Start Writing content.
  • Connect your website with Adsense.

How Google AdSense works Three Easy Steps

AdSense works by coordinating advertisements to your site dependent on your substance and guests. The promotions are made and paid for by publicists who need to advance their items. Since these promoters follow through on various costs for various advertisements, the sum you procure will change.

  1. You make your promotion spaces accessible.
  2. The most lucrative advertisements show up on your site.
  3. You get paid.

More details click here.

[Bonus] Tips to maximize your AdSense Earning

When people have created a site and start earning from AdSense the next question comes in mind is How to maximize Adsense Earning.

Some Best Practices that many webmasters do

  1. They produce good quality content that attracts and engages users.
  2. They follow webmaster guidelines.
  3. They avoid flooding their website with advertisements.
  4. They do not try methods that encourage users to click ads. Google prohibits webmasters from using phrases like “Click on my AdSense ads” to increase click rates.
  5. They do not link or redirect to websites with a poor reputation.

Google Ads Words

Google Ads is a paid method to boost your business presence to your desire traffic. It comes under the niche of Social Media Marketing. It has a complete management system through which you can set a campaign. Select your ad niche research on keywords with Adwords free Tools Such Key Planner. Specify your audience and run the Ads,

How It Works

Create Your Ad in 6 Steps.

  • Decide Location
  • Decide People Age and category
  • Set your Ad tile
  • Add Some Keywords
  • Step your Budget
  • Go Live

So far we have Discuss what is Ad words and how its work Now a question come in mind how can we earn money online with Google Adwords.

so let’s discuss it, You can earn from AdWords by running other people, companies ads as a Digital Marketer. You can provide services to different companies people how are willing to advertise their business but don’t know how to run an ad or don’t have time for this, so you can do that for them, You can find such client from Social Media and freelance market place


We have discussed 3 Top ways thought which we can earn money online with google, All Methods are 100% secure and authentic so Stop wasting your time on other ways start your online business with google.

In case of any problem, you can send us a mail contact@mindschanger.com our expert of specific niche will guide you and will try to solve your problem.